Zingaro Nature Reserve

The Zingaro Nature Reserve is managed Italian natural protected area by the Regional State Forests of the Sicilian Region. The reserve offers three types of routes:

Coastal path

And ‘the main path of the reserve, the most beaten by visitors. Winds for about 7 km and connects the input of Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. It has a duration of about 2 hours. Immediately after the entrance is through the gallery, and after a few meters you come to the first junction where there is a picnic area for picnics. A little further along is the visitor center houses a small Museum of Natural …

Half-coast path

And ‘the most scenic path has a distance of 8,5Km duration of 4h 30m: south entrance you reach the Visitor Center, from here a steep uphill path, damped by a few bends, leads to a hillside path, runs through the reserve from south to north, parallel to the boardwalk. On the left a detour that leads to the forest Scardina, continue straight until you reach Pizzo Corvo.

High path

It is undoubtedly the most challenging path. Length: 17.5 km. Duration: 7 h From the entrance south of the reserve will reach the visitors center; from here a steep uphill path, damped by a few bends, leads to the top of the hillside trail (290 m). Along the hillside path, after a few hundred meters on the left there is a path that winds through a steep canyon on the slopes of which alternating patches of fragrant broom and prairie areas to Ampelodesma. At the end of the path you come to a plateau (533 m) located at the foot of the Bosco di Scardina, an afforestation area occupied by pine forest of Aleppo pines. It continues for a slightly uphill path along the rural tenements Marcato of Mennola and Marcato of Sterna and after about 15 minutes you will reach Pianello, a zone of alternating flat stretches of Mediterranean steppe, limestone reliefs and small karst depressions and where, in the rainy season, it forms a small eddy outcropping.